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Jumping Jacks (60 seconds)

Dynamic Stretches (30 seconds each)

knee lifts – touch your left elbow to your right knee, then switch sides

leg swings – swing the left leg to meet the right hand

leg swings – swing the right leg to meet the left hand

foreword arm rolls

reverse arm rolls

body weight squats


For advanced exercisers, do each movement continuously for 60 seconds with little or no rest in between.  Beginners should start with 30 seconds at a time with a 30 second rest (or longer if needed) in between exercises.

Push up to row (alternating right and left arms)

Goblet squat (hold one weight at your chest, keep the toes facing forward)

Jump rope (with or without a rope and for an extra challenge add in high knees)

Tricep dips (use a chair, bench or step and keep your elbows back)

Side lunge with overhead press (hold a light weight in each hand and keep your elbows and toes forward)

Squat jumps (no weight, keep your chest lifted)

Bicep curls (standing with your feet wider than your hips and knees slightly bent)

Reverse lunge with torso twist (holding a weight tight to your core and be sure to step back far enough so that your knee does not pass your toes)

Straight leg dead lift to calf raise (keep your back straight, chest lifted, shoulders pulled back and legs hip width or slightly farther apart)

Split squat jumps (no weight, do these slow and controlled to keep good form)

Walk it off for 60 seconds and repeat this total body circuit one more time (or maybe twice if you have the time and energy).  After the 2nd round walk it off until your heart rate comes back down.  Most importantly, be sure to stretch before getting on with your holiday plans.  Proper stretching can help prevent your muscles from being sore and tight.

via Be Fit with Kristen – Living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Loving life ~ always..


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